Writing a consulting resume keywords

Top 10 Consulting Resume Tips from the Experts Here are our top 10 tips on creating a killer consulting resume. There are variations, of course — leadership can be defined as taking leadership roles within organizations and companies, but also as risk-taking for instance, starting a company or new student group on campus. You get the idea. That said, here are the 10 things to look out for when writing a management consulting resume:

Writing a consulting resume keywords

May 8, The art of the Management consulting resume is a frequent topic here. Same goes for the cover letter!

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If you have more than 5 years of experience, or have switched industries abnormally often, 2 pages is ok. Anything longer than that is recruiting suicide. At most, you have 5 minutes to review the resume. You need to make a decision about whether this person deserves an interview in that timeframe.

You have very little time…so: You look for the specific consulting skills that are needed in the job more on that below 2.

Throwing in everything but the kitchen sink This is not new advice, but with resumes less is more. Less is much, much more. Because you enjoy reading them more.

writing a consulting resume keywords

You can quickly analyze the key skills and successes. And most importantly, you remember them better. Finally, it shows a degree of professionalism and self-confidence to execute such a strategy. Ask yourself this question: Then put them front and center.

Everything else is, more or less, window-dressing. Highlight your biggest achievements.

writing a consulting resume keywords

Exaggerate a little when quantifying impact. Identify precisely what skills consultants are looking for, and rewrite your resume to display those skills. Regardless of your career and industry, you can exhibit the same parallel skills that are employed by Bain consultants every day.

People leadership and project management? Client sales and relationship management?

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The skills, experiences, and specific keywords that consultants and recruiters look for Consultants are generally looking for the following skills and experiences in resumes: People management and team leadership Client interaction — both sales and relationship building Technical and quantitative analytics and research Proven-track record of success at prior jobs as demonstrated by promotions and increasing responsibilities Quantifiable individual and team-oriented results This will vary by academic background, years of work experience, and so forth.

To demonstrate the above, great key phrases include: Hundreds of Princeton graduates are rejected sight-unseen by Bain Consulting every year, while a University of Wisconsin grad was able to secure a first-round McKinsey interview.

As a broad rule of thumb, the following will help differentiate your resume from the rest of the pile: Make your cover letter and resume air-tight 2. Network at every available opportunity. As Ramit Sethi likes to say, great networkers build relationships before they need them 3. Search high and low for boutiques and regional consulting firms that have more idiosyncratic hiring rules 5.

Start your own consulting shop! That said, here are the 10 very specific tips to apply when writing a consulting-ready resume: Then read it again.Putting your best foot forward in a Management Consulting resume isn't always straightforward and easy.

A good resume is the first step to your dream job! Write a Management Consulting Resume from Scratch Published: May 8, The skills, experiences, and specific keywords that consultants and recruiters look for;. Consulting resume vs CV - What are the differences?

When to use which? Make your Consulting Resume outstanding. Marketing keywords, action words and phrases used in efficient CV and resume writing by job seekers worldwide. Marketing keywords, action words and phrases used in efficient CV and resume writing by job seekers worldwide Grew start-up consulting practice from ground floor to annual revenues of over $___ in less than ___-month time-frame.

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Resumes Careers Writing How-To. This post is part of a series called How to Create a Great Resume Now you need to figure out the resume keywords and phrases used for your target position.

The best keywords for resumes are specific to the position you're applying to. PhD and CEO of Boyer Consulting. In the example below, you’ll see. Keywords: The Secret To A Powerful Resume.

such as ‘B2B communication’ or ‘strategy management consulting’. When preparing your resume, use keywords liberally throughout but try to load them towards the beginning, especially in your Summary of Qualifications or Professional Profile. You can use these sections to give your Author: Josie Chun.

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