Why was hitler so popular in germany essay

How did Hitler gain power in Germany by ?

Why was hitler so popular in germany essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Essay Sample In Hitler moved in to take supreme power of Germany and was able to establish a dictatorship. I agree that the main reason why Hitler was able to do this was because of the Reichstag Fire in There were many other reasons other than this such as the Enabling Act, the banning of political parties and trade unions and finally the Night of the Long Knives.

The Reichstag fire was the most important why Hitler was able to establish a dictatorship. On the evening of the 27th of Februarythe Reichstag building was destroyed by a huge fire caused by a Dutch communist supporter called van der Lubbe who was caught at the site of the fire with matches and firelighters.

He was put on trial and was then executed after being found guilty of doing it. Hitler used this opportunity to plan an attack against the communists.


This was the excuse the Nazis needed. Hitler persuaded Hindenburg to declare a state of emergency by saying that Van der Lubbe was part of a communist conspiracy against the government. I think that the Reichstag fire was the most important reason because it allowed Hitler to have a reason to end Communism and gave him the idea to increase his power.

It practically set forward a chain of events. Although the Reichstag Fire was the most important reason, I think that the Enabling Act was also important in enabling Hitler to establish a dictatorship.

Why was hitler so popular in germany essay

The Enabling Act was an act that changed the structure of the Weimar Republic. It was just a plan that gave the right for Hitler to make laws for four year without the consent of the Reichstag.

It was then renewed in which meant he could make laws for another four years. Hitler forced this law through the Reichstag in late March It was completely legal, even though Reichstag members were daunted during the vote if the new law should be passed.

The Enabling Act was an important part of the movement to enable Hitler to establish a dictatorship because it gave Hitler total control of Germany by allowing him to make laws. He was practically a dictator already because of the Enabling Act.

Trade unions were an impending threat to Hitler, they were sources of opposition to him. He supposed that if the communists that were among the working men took control of their trade unions, they could use them to strike against Hitler and to weaken the government. So after he took this into consideration, in MayHitler used his powers to ban the trade unions and made strikes illegal.

The decree said that if anyone undertakes to maintain the organisation of another political party or forms a new political party they will be punished with imprisonment of up to three years. The ban was important because it made Hitler become a step further to absolute freedom from any threats from communists and it also meant he was coming closer to total control of Germany and he was able to make the NSDAP the only political party in the Reichstag which meant that there was no point of the Reichstag anymore.

Some SA leaders demanded that the Nazi party should carry out its socialist agenda, and that the SA should take over the army. All this was done in just 4 days! The Night of the Long Knives was important.

The first reason it was important was because of this, Hitler was given loyalty by the army. Because the army was much smaller than the SA, they feared them a lot. The army was also the only organisation that had the power to remove Hitler.

After he did this, the army swore an oath of loyalty to Hitler. So what am I to conclude?Following the collapse of the Weimar government, Hitler managed to gain dictatorship over Germany by In fact it took Hitler just around 18 months, between February and August , so how did Hitler gain autocracy over Germany so quickly?

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May 17,  · I was writing an essay on Adolf Hitler, and i was thinking and thinking, and i was wondering, why was Hitler actually so popular in Germany, answers most appreciated, will give thumbs up to good answers:DStatus: Resolved.

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and even more so of the Party.

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