Traveler import cars inc

The article is somewhat a joke.

Traveler import cars inc

The division's founder, David Dunbar Buick was building gasoline engines byand his engineer, Walter L. Marr, built the first automobile to be called a Buick between and But Buick traditionally dates its beginnings to That was the year the company was incorporated and moved from Detroit to Flint.

Traveler import cars inc

The division's history has been exciting from the beginning. Buick recovered from near-bankruptcy in to become the No. Buick was the financial pillar on which General Motors — today the world's largest automaker — was created.

Traveler import cars inc

Buick was where a number of major contributors to U. Nash, a founder of what later became American Motors; Walter P. Chrysler, founder of Chrysler Corp.

Curtice, a GM president and chief executive in the postwar era. Louis Chevrolet, co-founder with Durant of the Chevrolet automobile, had earlier achieved fame as a Buick race team driver. And Buick has been a product innovator from Day 1 — starting with its creation of the overhead valve engine later advertised by Buick as the valve-in-head engine which earned an unsurpassed early reputation in competition around the world.

From the beginning, "motor" has been a key word in Buick's name. That original patented overhead valve single cylinder was unbelievably powerful for its time.

A prominent auto writer tested a two cylinder opposed automotive version of the design and reported the engine delivered 22 to 29 horsepower. The writer later had to set up a special test to prove that performance to his doubting editors and colleagues! Today, Buick offers V-6 engines in most of its models, including a supercharged in its flagship Park Avenue Ultra.

InChris Sinsabaugh, who as a newspaperman had covered the automobile industry from its inception, reflected that "Buick was the first real success of the automobile industry and did more to promote the industry's well-being in terms of public education, engineering advancement, and manufacturing progress than perhaps any other company.

Its founder had produced only two cars in three years of trying. David Buick though an inventor of merit, generally was considered a dreamer.

The company was in debt, its engineer had just left, and the firm's financial backer wanted to bail out. David Buick, born in Scotland Sept.

He started a succession of companies: Buick-Auto-Vim and Power Co. Incorporated May 19,all in Detroit. These companies produced engines for power boats and stationary applications. And by a horseless carriage, referred to in letters as "The Buick Automobile," was in existence.

Marr had, in all probability, built the car for Buick. Buick and his engineers argued often.


Marr later said he worked for David Buick three times, and each time the company had a different name. But between Buick, Marr and another engineer, Eugene Richard, the sensational valve-in-head engine was developed.

It was powerful, reliable, and developed more horsepower with its displacement than other engines of like size then on the market.

Eventually the entire industry would make use of the principle.Robb Romans 4/19/10 HRM Zigrossi Case Study 3: Traveler Import Cars Inc. Facts: • Traveler Import Cars owners Randy and Beryl Traveler both have extensive industry experience.

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