Three faces of psychology

SHARE Bullying in school and workplace settings is a serious problem that demoralizes, dehumanizes and destroys people. But while efforts to raise awareness of bullying and its impacts are vital, all too often the solutions that are proposed are counterproductive because they gloss over the important distinctions among different forms of interpersonal aggression.

Three faces of psychology

The current "crisis" of social psychology largely reflects the division of the field into three increasingly isolated domains or faces: A sociology of knowledge analysis suggests that the distinctive substantive and methodological concerns of each face reflect the intellectual and institutional contexts in which it developed.

Three faces of psychology

Psychological social psychology has increasingly focused on individual psychological processes in relation to social stimuli using laboratory experiments; symbolic interactionism, on face-to-face interaction processes using naturalistic observations; and psychological sociology, on the relation of macrosocial structures and processes to individual psychology and behavior, most often using survey methods.

Brief critical discussion of the faces indicates that the strengths of each complement waknesses in the others, highlighting a need for more interchange among them.

The Fully Functioning Person

Psychology sociology receives special emphasis because it currently lacks the coherence and clear identity of the other faces, yet is essential to a well-rounded social psychology since it balances the increasingly microsocial emphases of the other faces.

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Three faces of psychology

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In psychology and cognitive neuroscience, pattern recognition describes a cognitive process that matches information from a stimulus with information retrieved from memory..

Pattern recognition occurs when information from the environment is received and entered into short-term memory, causing automatic activation of a specific content of long-term memory.

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