The elderly people essay

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The elderly people essay

The elderly population is not eliminated as a candidate for a disorder just because they may be retired.

The elderly people essay

In fact, mental disorders affect 1 in 5 elderly people. One would think that with disorders being rather prevalent in this age group that there would be an abundance of treatment programs, but this is not the case. Depression in the elderly population is a common occurrence, yet the diagnosis and treatment seem to slip through the cracks.

Depression is an example of a metal condition that may slip through the cracks when it comes to detection. The health care industry contributes to the overlooking of depression in the elderly because of the overwhelming desire to keep costs down.

The factors of depression are open for interpretation, which results in different doctors looking for different things. In addition to that, elderly people may not exhibit the traditional symptoms of depression either. Aged individuals may have symptoms of depression that go unnoticed due the fact that those symptoms are being attributed to a different ailment.

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In addition, there appear to be a few fundamental differences between depression in the young and old. Elderly people tend to have more ideational symptoms, which are related to thoughts, ideas, and guilt.

Elderly depressed individuals are also more likely to have psychotic depressive and melancholic symptoms such as anorexia and weight loss. Finally, older people tend to have more anxiety present in their depression than younger patients do winter In the natural order of things, bodies tend to wear down somewhat and people become higher risk candidates for various health problems.

It is the increase in health problems that allows for some symptoms of depression to be overlooked. Doctors begin to attribute all problems and ailments to the primary problem, neglecting the possibility of depression.

The prevalence of low blood pressure is one of those items that do increase as an individual ages. The correlation of depression with low blood pressure also increases as time passes, particularly among men. A study by Barrett-Connor and Palinkas indicated "men with low blood pressure scored significantly higher on both the emotional and physical items of a depression test February Some believe that because low blood pressure can cause fatigue, anyone with these two symptoms could possibly be diagnosed with depression.

This is a snowball effect where the low blood pressure causes the fatigue, which in turn causes someone to feel useless, which further develops into other possible depressed symptoms. An interesting side note to this study was that the low blood pressure found in the patients was not directly related to any chronic health condition February Low blood pressure is not the only risk factor for the development of depression.

Caring for the Elderly in America

Some other factors include losses dealing with jobs, status, finances, physical ability, or relocation. Family problems dealing with divorce, siblings, children, or a death can also send one on a downward spiral.

Changes in the brain such as decreased adaptive capacity, neurotransmitter and receptor changes, cognitive impairment, and dementia increase the risk of depression winter As more factors enter the equation and the patient becomes more depressed, the likelihood of a suicide attempts increases.

As previously mentioned, diagnosing depression in the elderly can be a challenging task due to all of the factors involved. Symptoms of severe depression include: Depression does not always have to be severe.

To be diagnosed with mild depression or dysphoria, the mood of the patient would first need to be depressed for two years. In addition to that, two of the following characteristics would need to be present: Diagnosing depression can be a difficult task due to the human element involved.Some believe elderly people should live in nursing homes, others think they should live with the younger family members.

Discuss both views and give your opinion. Essay topics: Some believe elderly people should live in nursing homes, others think they should live with the younger family members.

Elderly are normal people, so why not? In my opinion, the elderly should be allowed to drive. I think this is so, because they are more experienced, and they are careful most of the time. Should we start taking younger people off of the road, just because they have a family history of heart attacks?

And to alot of elderly, driving might be one. Gender and Elderly Lady Essay. from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, Elderly Lady With a Gold Wreath (A.D.

The elderly people essay

) and Man With a Mole on His Nose (A.D. ), reveals two different paintings from the same Roman period. Concerning medical care for elderly people we mean the fulfillment of the special needs and requirements that are unique to senior citizens.

This broad term encompasses such services as assisted living, adult day care, long term care, nursing houses and house care.

An essay or paper on the Elderly in Assisted Living Homes. There are millions of elderly people living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities in our country. All of these people have lived a rich life and have a lot of experience that young people can only imagine.

Most importantly, governments should also highlight the importance of paying respect to the elderly people in our society. Indeed the public should advocate awareness campaigns such as “care for old folks” projects to influence the public to show higher level of respect to the elder persons.

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