Teaching assignments

This policy has been developed pursuant to the resolution of the Regents at their meeting 13 June Faculty "teaching" assignments are measured in "load units" as defined and calculated in accordance with the University's load formula. The term "load unit" as used in this policy is defined by that formula as currently revised now the Ninth Revision, 8 September

Teaching assignments

Teaching assignments

The genesis of this request was that there was a perception that percent time allocated to teaching assignments was not consistently applied between and within departments resulting in discrepancies between assignments and actual time demands.

In a survey of department chairs within CANR, we found that the way that teaching assignments are apportioned across faculty and across units does in fact vary substantially. Moreover, much of this variation has evolved Teaching assignments time or is predicated on unwritten guidelines.

As such, the current practices in CANR do not meet the goals of Transparency, Clarity, Objectivity and Consistency that are commonly applied to personnel actions. Therefore, the TAPC offers the guidelines described in this document as a means to move this process closer to achieving these goals.

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We also queried, through Dr. Kelly Millenbah, current practices at a number of other nationally equivalent institutions. Rather than report and summarize these qualitative data, we used this information to synthetically develop the guidelines below, recognizing a number of considerations including: The guidelines developed do not have to be simply an average of current practices; the committee considered if the current practices are fair and equitable.

The committee felt that consistency across units is desirable, but also weighed the need to allow department chairs flexibility in assignments that retain departmental norms for teaching as well as pragmatic realities limiting the ability for teaching assignments to change e.

Thus, we added Flexibility as an additional goal that allows department chairs leeway to make informed and synthetic judgments for complex situations such as this.

Potential differences between AN versus AY appointments raised some concerns among the committee, but given that other components of faculty expectations e.

Broadly speaking, we view a 3-credit undergraduate course with - minutes of in-class contact time, without a TA to be a typical course. From this baseline, we offer the following suggestions for adjustments to course time assignments based on quantitative measures.

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Time assignments should be proportionally adjusted for courses with a different number of credits. Additional in-class instructional contact hours e. The time assignment for a course could be adjusted depending on the number of Teaching Assistant s assigned to the class.

Examples of such considerations include the evaluation model used in the class, whether it is a lab class, on-line class, or Tier II writing course.

Teaching Assignments

In concert with these qualitative considerations, we recommend that factors entering into this assessment be documented. We recognize that the time demands any single course places on a faculty member integrate across multiple dimensions, and as such, these guidelines are not intended to be prescriptive, but rather as items for explicit consideration.

In any case, the Transparency and Clarity qualities identified above would both benefit from having documented connections between time demands ascribed to a course and the characteristics of a course.The Student Teaching Performance Portfolio is the natural complement to the Penn State Performance-Based Assessment of Student Teaching form.

It is the place to assemble and reflect on evidence used to derive ratings of performance. We invite you to be part of the Department’s success in educating the next generation of leaders. More info». *Your purchase of any product from Amazon through this link helps support TWM at no cost to you.: Join thousands of teachers and professors who use movies to enrich classes & drive assignments.

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Teaching Excellence & Educational Innovation. Creating Assignments. Here are some general suggestions and questions to consider when creating assignments.

There are also many other resources in print and on the web that provide examples of interesting, discipline-specific assignment ideas. Littlefield Technologies. Littlefield Technologies is a factory simulator that allows students to compete with each other over the web while developing operations management skills.

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