Positive effects that hip hop has on youth

She has written on religion and beauty, crafts and music. Young teens listening to music outdoors. Rap videos can also illustrate glamorous and dangerous fantasies. But rap music is a diverse genre, used to express a wide variety of realities and aspirations.

Positive effects that hip hop has on youth

Hip hop has been completely modified into a genre of music that no longer serves its original purpose: There are many ways hip hop can affect a person, but, for this post, I will be focusing on two major things: So, why does this matter, and how is this affecting the youth?

I will explain these questions in details.

Positive effects that hip hop has on youth

Hip hop and rap music have a negative impact on the sexual decisions of the youth because when young people watch these videos, they might think that it is okay to become intimate with whoever they desire, regardless of the number of people.

This highly increases the risk of pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Comparison between the black and white youth who listen to rap music and watch rap music programs. In another research study, the Journal of Adolescent Research published a survey which reveals that there is a close relationship between music preferences, and youth attitude and behaviors.

Furthermore, the research also discovered that young people who listen to hip hop or rap were more likely to exhibit risk-taking behaviors such as unsafe sex and drug use.

Rap and hip-hop music is not just entertainment, it's exploiting black adolescent girls and promoting unhealthy lifestyles, a researcher. Rap and hip-hop music is not just entertainment, it's. The Power of Hip Hop Culture Having used Hip Hop culture as a medium to empower youth for the last 15 years, I've seen first hand how mainstream rap impacts young impressionable minds. At most social events I’ve been to, whether it’s a wild party or chill night with friends, I tend to engage in the inevitable discussion of modern day hip-hop music.

Comparison of different sexual activities between the black and white youth. No data was shown for other races. In addition, out of the total youth population, black youth had the highest percentage of sexually transmitted diseases.

Brian Primack from The University of Pittsburgh, a person comes across references of drugs per day in rap music compared to 5 references per day in pop music. The infographic Figure 3 from dailymail provides the names of the drugs that are repeatedly mentioned in rap music. Gavin Clementsa fellow classmate, points out the relationship between hip hop and drug use in his post Is Hip Hop Promoting the Drug Game?

Drug use is bad enough but when it comes to drug dealing it puts listeners at an even greater risk if they decide to pick up these same habits. The participants answered survey questions about their music-listening habits, use of alcohol and drugs, and aggressive behaviors like fighting. Hip hop is one of the many ways, definitely not the only one, that can affect the youth.

I am writing this post not to condemn hip hop or rap music, but to make an awareness about several ways it can affect us, the youth, negatively. I honestly did not expect this post to become so popular here on Medium.

I was not trying to downgrade the music genre in anyway.Hip-hop music can have both positive and negative behavioral effects. The explicit content of some hip-hop song lyrics, extolling violence and drug and alcohol use, and detailing sexual exploits and gang adventures, can be quite disturbing to parents of teen fans in particular.

Stephen “Buddha” Leafloor, 57, is a Canadian B-boy Elder, street dancer, youth outreach worker, speaker, mental health advocate and founder of BluePrintForlife and BluePrint Pathways. In the world of hip-hop, "keeping it real" has always been a primary goal—and realness takes on special meaning as rappers mold their images for street cred and increasingly measure authenticity by ghetto-centric notions of "Who's badder?".

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The recent MTV Video Music Awards event was notable – not for the recognition of award recipients, but for the public spat between host Miley Cyrus and hip-hop artist Nicki Minaj.. Whether. Hip hop music has evolved and changed since the s and has encountered controversy along the way. Many people object to what they believe is the promotion of violence and misogyny in hip hop; however, that is only a small part of hip hop, and there are many positive effects hip hop provides to .

Hip-hop encompasses everything from dance and fashion to music. Forman said rap is the vocal and lyrical aspect of hip-hop. Hip-hop has become increasingly popular over the years and its influence.

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