Morality and immorality of plastic surgery

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Morality and immorality of plastic surgery

Abstract Currently, cosmetic surgery is spread around the world. Several factors are involved in this rapidly evolving field such as socio-economic development, changes in cultural norms, globalization and the effects of Western culture, advertising, media, and mental disorders.

Nowadays the cosmetic surgery is becoming a profitable business, which deals exclusively with human appearance and less from the perspective of beauty based on physical protests and considering factors such as sex, age, and race.

The morality of plastic surgery subspecialty has undergone many moral dilemmas in the past few years. The role of the patient regardless of his unrealistic dreams has questionable ethical dimension.

The problem is the loss of human values and replacing them with false values, of pride and glory to a charismatic person of higher status, that may underlie some of the posed ethical dilemmas. Cosmetic surgery has huge difference with the general principle of legal liability in professional orientation, because the objective for cosmetic surgeries is different from common therapeutic purposes.

To observe excellence in the medical profession, we should always keep in mind that these service providers, often as a therapist healer must maintain a commitment and priority for patient safety and prior to any action, a real apply for this service recipient should be present.

Also, patient—physician confidentiality is the cornerstone of medical ethics. In this review, we study the issues addressed and the ways that they can be resolved. Factors such as economic development, social and cultural norms changes, globalization and exposure to culture media and repeated trips to the Western countries are the main causes for this rapid development.

Cultural changes and developments in different societies have increased concerns over their appearance and subsequently, these increase the demands for plastic surgeries by people. The desire for beauty in human nature has long existed since the creation of the features.

They have interest to modify and improve their appearance and surroundings, respectively. Therefore, the extent that the community is exposed to advertisings in the media for new models, it would have more raised ethical questions.

Therefore, other surgeons in different expertise are also attracted and unfortunately in some areas, aesthetic surgical procedures are performed by this groups. Today, the importance of this area of expertise has been reduced, its actual position is lost and the plastic surgery is going in the transition from acute ethical problems.

Plastic surgery is divided into two sections, reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. All point to the initial steps in the era of plastic surgery. Females are more likely to apply for cosmetic surgery, as they wish to be more attractive at their jobs and to have a higher social status, to seem younger, and due to psychological, social and personality factors.

Is cosmetic surgery a job business or is it necessary as a part of health care system of the patient best interest?

Morality and immorality of plastic surgery

Specialized field of plastic surgery has been subject to many ethical dilemmas. The issue is in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery, even it is more in cosmetic surgery.

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Todays, there is a trend to less aggressive procedures in academic and private centers. Media forge some surgeons by intensive advertisings of body image, claiming a lie, exaggerating individual capability using photoshop images in the offices, that all provide ethical problems in the field of plastic surgery.

Today, in light of this trend, genuine human values are lost and false values, such as pride and ambition have been replaced. Apart from all these, a large percentage of those seeking cosmetic surgery have psychological factors. Recently, requests on the youth beauty have been high, and too much attention has been toward appearance changes which are mostly due to false information through the media.

The media information, ultimately leads to unrealistic expectations by teens that may have destructive effects on plastic surgery.A Comparison of Marxist and Functionalist Views on Society - A Comparison of Marxist and Functionalist Views on Society There is a division between functionalists and Marxists over the functions of the society.

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This type of plastic surgery is clearly necessary and if morality entered the picture would be moral. In fact, plastic surgeons who perform this type of surgery, in my view, have one of medicine's highest callings. Living Together Before Marriage Series: Statistics on Living Together Before Marriage Scriptures on Living Together Before Marriage Living Together Without Sex What If We Already Lived Together Before Marriage?

Morality and immorality of plastic surgery

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What do we do with this triumphal parade when we . metic surgery in the light of the internal morality of medicine. Central to business in a market economy is the doctrine of consumer sover- eignty: that subjective preferences and money determine access to commodities.

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