Mgt 350 tools and techniques paper

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Mgt 350 tools and techniques paper

Tools and Techniques Tools and Techniques Management Introduction Decision-making is a key ingredient in how we work on a personal and professional level. Only by deciding based on reason do we take charge of our own lives. Just as people are different, so are their styles of decision-making. There are many approaches to decision-making, depending on the nature of the problem and the people involved in the problem.

Mgt 350 tools and techniques paper

Brainstorming is one of the powerful decision-making tools that one can employ. This paper describes the usage of brainstorming in my workplace, and the outcome.

This paper will further explain when one would not choose to use the brainstorming tool.

Department of Management and Information Technology

Brainstorming Brainstorming is a tool used to stimulate and capture creative thoughts and ideas. It involves the creative generation of many ideas to solve a problem as stated by Bassham, Irwin, Nadone, and Wallace The brainstorming tool is an effective way to come to the right conclusion.

It is constructed with a stainless steel inner tank. This was just the dome from the tank. Identify and Clarify the Problem The group must first decide if there is a problem. This was not hard considering the Vice President from the Delta Program put out the word for everyone to begin looking for the dome.

This was the first step in researching the problem. Gather Information This is where we gain more knowledge about the problem and look for the possible reasons and resolutions.

I happened to be a Manufacturing Coordinator at the time and I was assigned to locate the dome.

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I traced the steps of the manufacturing of the dome. I also talked with the machinists and management from the areas the dome was last seen. They supplied me with documentation regarding the dome.

I wondered where the next step would have been and how we could lose a dome because they are so big in diameter. Evaluate the Evidence I knew where the information came from so I knew it was valid. The information represented different points of analysis. The information I gathered was accurate because I saw all the stages the dome went through.

From the information I have collected the last stop was the Alodine tank in building I went back to that building the next day and looked at all the domes I could find and none of them was the missing dome. I sat down with a few of my co-workers to brainstorm the information I had collected.

It was interesting all the ideas we came up with, but none of the ideas led us to the dome. Consider Alternatives and Implications The next day we had another brainstorming session where we drew conclusions from all the evidence and information I had collected.

We weighed all the conclusions and looked for the advantages and disadvantage of the circumstances. When we were through we submitted to our management the findings and conclusions we came up with.About CB&A. At CB&A, we are client advocates.

Mgt 350 tools and techniques paper

We use years of experience and expertise as our tools, helping to build visions, create safe work environments, and forge the path to .

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