Is korean unification possable essay

It has a total area of about 38, sq. The state of South Korea was established in following the post-World War II partitioning of the peninsula between the occupying forces of the United States in the south and the Union of Soviet Socialist

Is korean unification possable essay

It has become a way of life, where all of the necessities such as, employment, food, medical care, housing and place of residence, can be purchased illegally.

Protection from arrest or release from jail is likewise for sale.

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North Korea has been riddled with scandals and corruption throughout the past few decades. This is especially true in North Korea where one of the causes of the famine is the corruption between political leaders.

The famine is also causing more corruption in the country, creating a reciprocal cycle. Basically, North Korea does not recognise the existence of corruption because top political leaders fear the people's frustration and the potential revolt that might take place, against their system.

Although corruption is widespread and visible in the country, they do not report the corruption incidences. North Korea is not on the way to recovering anytime soon.

Therefore, the question of Korean unification is perhaps the one that has been discussed most in Korean politics in the last few decades, without a plausible answer.

Is korean unification possable essay

Corruption in the North Korean government has caused its political system to collapse, with the only hope of reconstruction being a merge with South Korea.

This essay will outline the history between the two countries and how they became separate. Next, an analysis of the political systems of both North and South Korea will be performed, comparing them to each other to see if a reunification would be possible and what the outcomes would be.

Then lastly, the reunification of the Koreas will be looked at in detail, Page 2 William Preudhomme comparing the positive aspects and the negative aspects. All of these, leading to the conclusion that reunification will only benefit North Korea and help pull itself out of its domestic crisis and stop the political instability.

The Soviet Union thwarted UN efforts to hold elections and reunite the country under one government. When relations between the Soviet Union and the United States worsened, trade between the two zones ceased; great economic hardship resulted, since the regions were economically interdependent, industry and trade being concentrated in the North and agriculture in the South Country Guides: On August 15,a pro-U.

A war broke out over a 5 year period between these two governments, each backed by different countries. In Julyafter millions of deaths and enormous physical destruction, the war ended approximately were it began, with North and South Korea divided into roughly equal territories by the cease-fire line, a Demilitarized Zone that still forms the boundary between North and South Korea today Armstrong, The two rival Korean governments were in operation, each eager to unify the country under its own rule.

SinceNorth and South Korea have evolved from a common cultural and historical base into two very different societies with radically dissimilar political systems.

North Korea has been during its history the prototype of a totalitarian state. In terms of political leadership, this represented the consolidation Page 3 William Preudhomme of Kim Il Sung's absolute power. According to Sunganother factor enhancing totalitarian control has been a siege mentality resulting from North Korea's geographical situation and now its ideological uniqueness.

This means highly controlled through and mobilized by the state apparatus, but only as a powerless, manipulated mass. The North Korean government invested heavily in its military, hoping to develop the capability to reunify Korea by force if possible and also preparing to repel any attack by traditional enemies: South Korea, Japan, or the United States.

The political corruption in the North Korea can be caused by the weaknesses of the political system: The corruption in North Korea can be explained as the by-products of enforced powers of elites. The seizure of power in South Korea is opposite to that of the North.

While the North saw the constant rise of one leader, Kim Il Sung and the smooth transfer of power to his son, the South has been characterized by a series of legitimacy crises. The legitimacy of the first government rested solely on American recognition and the Rhee through Roh governments all experienced serious challenges to their legitimacy Sung, South Korea has been greatly influenced by the United States and, in a more subtle way, by Japan.

Since the fall of its military dictatorship in the late s democracy appears to have become increasingly consolidated in South Korea Armstrong, May 05,  · But the most decisive reason, as Fu argued in her essay, was America's conflicting goals of denuclearization and regime change.

And Korean reunification on U.S. and South Korean . This essay examines possible collapse scenarios for North Korea, considers the expected responses of regional stakeholders, and offers policy suggestions for the United States and the Republic of Korea . Reunification Of Korea Argumentative Essay by The Research Group Reunification Of Korea Argues against a quick reunification of North and South Korea.

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i think that’s the true reason, why Korean unification seems impossible. Is a reunification of Korea possible after their unification in the Olympics? Is a revolution in North Korea possible? How would the U.S act when Korea has a peaceful unification?

Possible Korean reunification and the costs : korea