Is google making us smarter

Thumbing away at our text messages, we are becoming illiterate. Or is that illiter8? Blogs make us coarse, YouTube makes us shallow.

Is google making us smarter

My fascination with technology led me to wonder how all these new gadgets may be altering our brain function so I decided to study what happens to our brains when we carry out the common task of searching online.

The results were striking. People who had prior Internet experience showed significantly greater neural activity when searching online compared with those who had never done so. The other remarkable finding was that with relatively little practice — an hour each day for a week — the Internet novice showed highly significant increases in their neural circuits while searching online.

And, the areas showing increases were in the frontal lobe of the brain in regions that control decision-making and short-term memory. On average, these volunteers were in their mids on average — so the idea that your brain may be too old to learn new technology tricks is a myth.

Our study results suggested that everyday computer activities as a form of brain exercise can strengthen brain cells and may even protect them from degeneration over time. The online search experience also allows us to increase or decrease the speed of the searching exercise depending on how much we want to push ourselves by looking at more websites, going back to others we recall, or slowing down the whole process by exploring information on one web page in greater depth.

When we compared the searching task to reading information in a book, we saw less neural activity while reading the book, perhaps because our brains are more efficient at reading a book page. After all, it takes less mental energy to absorb the text on a book page than to take in all that is happening on a web page.

Click Here to comment on this article Close.Feb 22,  · Though it may not always feel like it, the Internet is actually making us smarter, at least according to a new survey of scientists, business leaders, and technology developers.

In January of , Carl Zimmer published an article, “How Google Is Making Us Smarter,” to Discover Magazine. Zimmer poses his article as a response to the article written by Nicholas Carr.

From Discover, February How Google Is Making Us Smarter Humans are "natural-born cyborgs," and the Internet is our giant "extended mind." By Carl Zimmer|Thursday, January 15, On July 1, , Nicholas Carr published Is Google Making Us Stupid?

You might begin to infer his response to that question by the title, but the gist of it is, in a word, yep. I beg to differ. Oct 14,  · Can Google make you smarter?

How Google is Making us Smarter | Is Google making us stupid?

Is the more you Yahoo, the better? That area of brain controls decision making and complex reasoning; Mixx . Nov 28,  · Why the Internet Is Making Us Smarter--in One Way.

Is google making us smarter

Nick Morgan Contributor i. So the next time someone tells you that the Internet is making us .

Is google making us smarter
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