Introduction to social sciences

Jul 31, 8: Credit Status General Education Option: Category 2 — Social Sciences Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this subject the student will be able to:

Introduction to social sciences

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In this case, they may be interested to find out how come most students that are enrolled In elite schools are from better background. The social function for hilling practice might derive from schooling. It might be believed that students that graduated from an elite school have higher neighborhood school.

This would then drive the parents who have adequate financial ability to enroll their children into a better school so that their child may have a better chance of getting employed in the future. As a result, students from better background will end up in top independent school as their parents can afford to put them through the education.

In this case, it is said that students from better background are enrolled in top schools.

Introduction to social sciences

That being said, what ill happen if a student from normal background were to be awarded with study grant to be enrolled in the elite school?

If students from top schools are mostly from better background, they will start thinking that because they come from better background, they are entitled to go into this school. Consequently, will a student from normal background choose to enroll into the elite school, if given study grant?

We will write a custom essay sample on Introduction to Social Sciences Order now More Essay Examples on There could be fear of being ostracizes and not being able to fit in due to the differences.

While both disciplines are concerned on the same topic, the emphasis on sociology is the individual in interaction with others.


On the other hand, psychology focuses on the individual, which explains human behavior. The topic is derived from the article that mentioned: In short, they decide how the society should operate.

They analyses the forms the institution takes and the process that emerge. Political scientists look at how the policy introduced will impact the situation.

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In this topic, the policy is introduced and time is taken to find out how effective is the proposed policy. In this case, they will be interested to know if the policy introduced will affect the labor market. With the program introduced, will it eve any significant impact on how the distribution, production, and consumption of might be an increase in new businesses emerging from graduates since the school they attended focuses on personal interest and competencies, rather than academic standing of school.

On the other hand, there is also a concern whether Singapore will have enough Jobs to support the increase in graduates. Social Science Discipline, Chosen Topic of Study and Hypothesis The social science discipline chosen to discuss in this essay will be sociology and the selected above topic: Different type of background can be chosen to study anytime.

Background is chosen as it can affect the type of school a student enrolls into.

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Having a better background means student can afford to study in independent school. Choice of top school means the results of what the student chosen. This is the variable that is observed during the study. The same type of students graduating students who is at the stage of choosing their schools is used for this study.The introduction leads the reader from a general subject area to a particular topic of inquiry.

It establishes the scope, context, and significance of the research being conducted by summarizing current understanding and background information about the topic, stating the purpose of the work in the.

Introduction. Welcome to "Faculty of Social Sciences" The Faculty of Social Sciences being one of the oldest and distinguished centers of learning has a long lineage of strengthening the academic fabric of the Banaras Hindu University.

Introduction to social sciences

Social Sciences is a multidisciplinary program promoting an appreciation for the interrelatedness of Geography, History, Philosophy and Political Sciences. *The social sciences can provide insight into all types of social situations such as raising children, family relationships, friendships, work place relationships, interactions with Introduction to Social Sciences Sub-Desciplines • An academic discipline/ field of study or branch of knowledge that is taught at various levels of education and researched at university level.

• Some important branches or sub-disciplines of Social Science are Economics, History and Archaeology, Geography, Political Science and Sociology History • History is an account of events that  · The earliest mention of scientific approach in the social research is found in the work of August Compte () a French philosopher who argued that social realities can also be probed using the approach of natural the moment we apply this approach to social sciences we immediately confront with the question, whether social

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