How to survive your first year of college

Bookmark From getting involved to balancing snacking habits to finding your study zone and prioritizing fun, these college students and alumni share their essential advice for incoming college freshmen. PS This is updated as of August ! We brought all that sweet, sweet freshman year advice together for ya.

How to survive your first year of college

How to survive your first year of college

They are important contributors to the NCC Community Garden and have been incredibly busy this summer. We are hoping for the best for winter! Donna in Delaware August 29, at When I turned the bend in the road, I noticed this huge bee hive in a maple tree in the front yard. So far, they have not had it taken down.

I hope that no one gets stung.

How to survive your first year of college

We are in NCCo. Carol September 5, at 1: I will take your advice as to what to plant to help the bee hives up the street and will pass on the information to another friend who took some of those hives to her home to help them survive.

I realize how important they are to our balance of nature. Thanks… Thomas September 9, at 3: Colony Collapse Disorder only affects commercial hives that pollinate commercial crops using commercial pesticides.

Measure thrice. Freak out once.

Apis mellifera is not even a species native to the New World. They are severely inbred now and geneticially susceptible to many diseases. Commercial beekeepers transport the hives during the growing season to pollinate specific crops at specific times. In the winter bees are fed sugar water.

There is nothing you can do with your personal garden that will have any effect whatever on commercial bees. Kev C September 9, at 7: September 9, at 3: CCD affects all bee colonies of Apis mellifera. The pesticides affect other pollinator species as well.

Domestic colonies seldom gather pollen and nectar from their own immediate surroundings, leaving these for last resort. They will forage in next doors gardens and even in neighbouring fields. Hence why pesticides are a problem. The average bee will travel easily 5 miles for food and they will do this continually for the better part of weeks which is virtually their entire life cycle.

The first weeks are spent in the hive administering to the brood and other tasks. Once out and about they travel continuously looking for food. In weeks a lot of land is covered. So the comment above by Thomas is clearly based on incorrect advice.

CCD can affect all colonies of Apis mellifera regardless of whether they are commercial or domestic. The impact is clearly greater with commercial colonies due to the sheer numbers.

Most households that keep bees will have only a small number of hives, between 1 and 5 usually, whereas commercial outfits have many hundreds of colonies. Faith Voigt September 9, at 7: Care2, can we have a repeat publication next spring and maybe a reminder in June or July next year, to catch people when they are preparing their flower schemes?

Thanks and good luck to everybody on the team Ruth September 10, at 9: Wendy September 10, at 1: Last year, we had a honeybee swarm break off from the main group and use one of our trees for a couple of days.

Freshman Year Survival Guide: 15 Tips for Your First Year of College

We called our local bee man but they had gone by the time he arrived. Thomas September 10, at Agricultural pesticides are generally only applied to commercially pollinated crops before and after they bloom.

Otherwise they would kill the bees outright and defeat the whole purpose. As the bees are moved from crop to crop, they are exposed to residual commercial pesticides all year long, even including in the corn syrup used to feed them through winter.

Escaped and stationary hives forage on wildflowers and do not have anywhere near the exposure to pesticides commercial bees do.A North Carolina “swamp park” has posted a video explaining how alligators survive in a frozen pond and it’s both creepy and bizarre.

The cold-blooded devils essentially allow themselves to. by guest blogger Staness Jonekos. Over 60 percent of divorces are initiated by women in their 40s, 50s or 60s — the menopause years — according to a recent survey conducted by AARP Magazine.

5 Ways for College Students to Survive Being Homesick It's OK to miss home, but don't dwell on it.

Enter without a list, die a slow death.

Instead, make college your home away from home. 10 Tips for Surviving Your First Year of College. By: Georgia Schumacher Filed under: Gaming & Technology. March 18, Share This: Busy preparing for your first year of college? It’s only natural to be nervous, as college life is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Follow these 10 tips to successfully navigate your first year.

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Sarah Fudin currently works in community relations for the University of Southern California's online Masters in teaching program, which provides the opportunity to earn a Master’s degree and learn how to become a r-bridal.come of work Sarah enjoys running, reading and Pinkberry frozen yogurt.

How to Survive Your First Year of College. Your first year of college is crucial in terms of making a success of moving from the mindset of being in school to that of being in college.

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