Happiest moments in life essay

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Happiest moments in life essay

The Environment Life is full of good and bad moments. Each day in itself brings various moments in life.

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Every day we go through mixed feelings. Sometimes, only we have experienced a pure jovial moment or a pure sad moment. Everyone also has the special moment in life. It is just a day when someones dreams are fulfilled. With the time the memories just get blurred, but stays with us in our mind.

Whenever, we remember such moments we get excited and thrilled.

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I remembered the day and date it was 22nd Oct It was Monday morning. I was at my home, having a morning tea. I was much tensed that morning; it was the day of my final BDS result. As the results of all other three classes have been arrived.

So, I was eagerly waiting for my results. At last, the day of my results arrived. As all my exams had gone pretty well, I have also scored good marks in case studies.

However, I was still nervous regarding my results. As I was dreaming about my results while taking a sip of tea; suddenly the phone rang and I was so excited as my mom told me it was my friends phone.


I ran towards phone likewise, I was running in the marathon. I grabbed the phone from mom and started missile of questions on my friend. From the other end my friend shouted at me and suggested me to keep calm and allow her to speak. She said that I was passed with first class.

Listening this I shouted, Oh Really!!! My mother came running towards me, she was so happy. She started crying and gave me a tight hug. She said, I am so happy my child, you fulfilled my dream.

May god bless you my dear. The whole atmosphere was fulfilled with joy. My brother was feeling so happy and proud about me. My dad was in the office; my brother called him and gave him the news.

He said, well done my princess!!! Moreover, he gifted me my favorite brands watch. I was feeling so happy after receiving my gift.It looks like you've lost connection to our server. Please check your internet connection or reload this page.

Happiest moments in life essay

Free sample essay on the Happiest Moment in My Life. Every man in his life faces the ups and downs.

Happiest moments in life essay

Sorrows and pleasures are two parts of life. In fact, life is full of bad as well as good incidents. Some of them are forgotten with the passage of time while others leave an everlasting impression on the mind. The happiest experience in my life Essay. A+. Pages:1 Words This is just a sample.

To get a unique essay I suppose I could say this is possibly the happiest day in my life so far. The three factors that made this day so special were: a birthday cake, my friends, and a train station.

We will write a custom essay sample on The. So the happiest moments in life, according to me, are those moments of, to put it in the words of Joey Tribbiani, “Giving, sharing, and having, and receiving”, which are done with the purest of intentions.

The Happiest moments in my life were, the births of both my children. To see my oldest graduate from high school, join the army graduate boot camp and complete air traffic control training and still achieving higher. Oct 27,  · Essay: [The Happiest Moment In My Life] English Essay on "The Happiest Moment In My Life" The Happiest Moment In My Life.

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Last year I sat for my lower certificate of education examination. This was the first important hurdle that I had to cross in my academic career. Up to that time I had been automatically promoted from .

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