Flyboard rental business plan

It was the highlight experience of our trip to the Dells!

Flyboard rental business plan

flyboard rental business plan

I received emails from several of you out there in the Flyboard Nation and around the world. Of course I welcome any and all of you to reach out to me, Shawn, at lakeerieflyboard gmail.

This to me is exactly what I was hoping the article would do. That was the whole idea from conception. Those guys are first class.

They helped us forget it was 2 degrees f at home. Met some great guys there getting ready to start their own Flyboard rental companies. It was very exciting. From that trip though, I realized from observing the people who come up and watch, and get that look of shear amazement, that this is why I want to do this.

Why I want the world of flyboarding to be seen and tried by all. I see the community building and see an even larger family starting to grow. This is good and this will allow for a more organized way of doing business.

Which now brings us to the next interview in our series, This time I reached out to Flyboard Malta Ltd. What a world class company, the first in the entire country of Malta, Europe.

Start Your Own Flyboard Business

I know for me this would be a dream place to go fly. Many of you might remember them for bringing us the live stream of the World Cup, which we greatly thank them for. I know my wife was wondering why I was up at 3 am eastern time in the U.

What are the chances! I bet they are working on something even better for the next World Cup. Which means I better get an internet connection in the basement so as to not interrupt the wife and kid waking up to start their day.

In the meantime I posed some questions to Simon and Joanne and here is what they had to say. We were on Facebook and a friend shared the Flyboard Official movie; we simply fell in love with it and brought the first one to Malta within three weeks of seeing the movie.

We did not own a Jet Ski as yet; it was bought just a day after the Flyboard arrived in Malta.

Start up your own Flyboard Rental Business

Our peak season runs between May and October, but we do still get people to fly in the other months as the water temperature only drops to 15 degrees C 59 F. We take bookings from 9: We do not include the briefing in the time.

We also include the use of communication helmets to give further instructions during use. We have invested in these helmets that have proven to be an asset, as we do not waste time in the briefing and customers are happy because they are receiving instructions whilst using the Flyboard.

Well Established Flyboard Rental Business for Sale -

We do not feel any competition from other attractions as the experience of flight is unique! There can never be a universal price structure and the reason is that costs vary in each country, location rent, fuel costs, maintenance costs, liability insurance and spending power.

Malta is only km2 so we cater for on location booking. We can be at any beach in 30 minutes.Nov 08,  · Driving over the bridge from Ft. Walton Beach to Destin is a breathtaking experience.

The harbor is beautiful and the sea of boats, yachts, and fun loving sea dooers playing in the bay makes you remember why you hit this coastline. At Minnesota Fly Board Rental, you will have the opportunity to live out that dream of flying.

At 33 feet you will be buzzing above the water in no time. Have you ever wanted to fly like Ironman? NOW you can with Flyboards an extreme water sports accessory to your Personal Watercraft (PWC).

Starting a business venture is never easy, especially in a new and rapidly-changing industry, so we have created a simple, step-by-step process to take you from novice to . How to Start Your Flyboard Business in less than 30 Days How to Start Your Flyboard Business in less than 30 Days The Idea If you landed on this page you probably have seen the Flyboard somewhere and now you're interested in starting your own business.

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