Contraceptive research paper

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Contraceptive research paper

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Contraceptive research paper

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The First Contraceptive Revolution

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Modern contraception has caused a social revolution in the history of humankind. This article discusses sociology and the sociology of contraception. It focuses on the expressed global need for. Contraception Research. Since its founding in , CONRAD has been internationally renowned for its leadership in developing new, safe and affordable contraceptive products.

CONRAD continues building on its past efforts as it links basic and clinical research and brings investigators in the laboratory and the clinic together, whether . Although research on and development of novel contraceptives have failed to keep pace with the growing need for a variety of safe, effective and acceptable methods, ongoing investigation holds out the promise of a number of new options.

Contraception essays / Sexuality Research The article, "Adolescent Sexuality, Pregnancy, and Parenthood", was about peoples attitudes and behaviors on sex.

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