Comeparing social networks

Applying statistical tools to network data Network analysis in the social sciences developed from a conjuncture of anthropologist's observations about relations in face-to-face groups and mathematical graph theory. A very large part of social network methodology, consequently, deals with relatively small networks, networks where we have confidence in the reliability of our observations about the relations among the actors. Most of the tools of social network analysis involve the use of mathematical functions to describe networks and their sub-structures. In more recent work, however, some of the focus of social network research has moved away from these roots.

Comeparing social networks

Founder of FSB Associates. For me, understanding the distinctions was a big aha moment. To develop a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy, it is helpful even crucial to understand the differences.

Comeparing social networks

Social Media Social media is the media content that you upload -- whether that's a blog, video, slideshow, podcast, newsletter or an eBook.

Consider social media as a one-to-many communication method. Your social media goal and strategy: Decide if you want to connect with your audience in the form of a blog, video, newsletter, podcast or eBook. Blogs are a great way to get started, particularly if you are a non-fiction author as you already have your book to re-purpose content into a blog or to use your book as an idea generator for your blogs.

Or you can create blogs from scratch that eventually can be the framework for your next book. Blogs help brand authors, increase exposure, and can easily be shared, helping consistently to increase your following and enhance your promotional efforts.

Plus, you can always include links in your blog directly to your book, driving traffic to your book. Social Networking Once you decide what media you are going to use, begin with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter to engage with your audience.

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Having a Facebook business page for you and your brand is essential because, as you know, people on Facebook read books and will tell their friends and colleagues about your book. Facebook and Twitter also provide you with numerous opportunities to connect with your prospective audience through web links, posts, news stories, notes, photo sharing, blog posts, direct messages, questions and comments.

Eventually you may want to branch out with other social networking platforms like LinkedIn and Pinterest. Social networking is all about engagement -- creating relationships, communicating with your readers, building your following and connecting with your online audience.

If you treat social networking like social media, you will come off as someone using a bullhorn. It's important to listen as much as talk with social networking.

Your social networking goal and strategy: Your social networking goal is to interact, converse and create conversation: Realize social networking is a marathon and not a race as it will take time to build relationships and grow your following.

Work for buzz and excitement on your book, product or service. Remember that people naturally gravitate towards people who they find relatable and who have similar experiences and interests. Investing in relationships can build loyal fans. There is some overlap and integration with social media and social networking.

Social media experts at SocialMediaExaminer. YouTube, on the other hand, is a tool for video, so it's social media. Chatting with other colleagues on LinkedIn? Both work together for your overall social media strategy. To develop your digital strategy, decide what types of media you want to create and use social networking to build up your following so you can brand yourself as an author.

Once you successfully have your social media and social networking strategies working in harmony, you will be more connected with your audience and be able to more effectively promote not only your books, but also your apps, conferences, videos, webinars, websites and more.

You will be actively increasing the value of your personal brand as an author, and reaching the right people with your unique message. Fauzia Burke is the Founder and President of FSB Associatesa digital publicity and marketing firm specializing in creating awareness for books and authors.

For online publicity, book publishing and social media news, follow Fauzia on Twitter:Comparing Social Networks: Size, Density, and Local Structure A standard vehicle for studying local structure is a subgraph census.

A subgraph census records the frequency of each isomorphism class observed in a directed graph or network. For example, a dyad census records the number of. Many of these tools find immediate application in working with social network data. There are, however, two quite important distinctive features of applying these tools to network data.

First, and most important, social network analysis is about relations among actors, not about relations between variables.

Nov 20,  · Teens are using their phones for social networks. Teens what a social network where they can express themselves quickly and continue with their activity. Twitter is perfect for that; you can quickly express your feelings in a matter of a few seconds with pictures and/or words.

3 thoughts on “ Compare and Contrast (Social. collection of social networks are represented using correspondence analysis and the resulting dimensions of similarity are interpreted using local network properties.

2 Comparing networks The majority of social network studies are case studies of a single group or setting. A social network is a social structure made up of a set of social actors (such as individuals or organizations), sets of dyadic ties, and other social interactions between actors.

Comeparing social networks

Dec 21,  · Social media strategist Vincenzo Cosenza has been charting the most popular social networks by country since His January World Map of Social Networks, based on traffic data from Alexa and SimilarWeb, reveals that Facebook is still the leader in out of countries analysed.

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