An essay on aristotles account of friendship

For without friends no one would choose to live, though he had all other goods; even rich men and those in possession of office and of dominating power are thought to need friends most of all; for what is the use of such prosperity without the opportunity of beneficence, which is exercised chiefly and in its most laudable form towards friends? Or how can prosperity be guarded and preserved without friends? The greater it is, the more exposed is it to risk. And in poverty and in other misfortunes men think friends are the only refuge.

An essay on aristotles account of friendship

Be sure to identify the criteria needed to attain this level of friendship, if you do believe it is possible.

An essay on aristotles account of friendship

If you do not believe it is possible, please describe in detail the conditions which prevent such a friendship from developing. Also, please be sure to refer to your own experiences with friendship, and whether or not you have experienced this highest level of soul friendship.

Be sure to provide examples to support your position, but please remember not include names or identifying information of others. The essay item responses should be documented by citing at least one or more credible sources such as the textbook, a newspaper, a biographic article, book, or website.

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The assignment must be submitted in the proper module assignment dropbox. Do not submit assignments via email or virtual office. Is this question part of your Assignment?Aristotle On Friendship Philosophical Ethics December 6, Friendship is undoubtedly one of the most important elements in the books of Aristotle's ethical principles.

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Aristotle takes the idea of friendship to a serious degree. He categorizes them into three groups or types of friendships. Aristotle takes the idea of friendship to a serious degree. He categorizes them into three groups or types of friendships.

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This report will attempt to define each type of friendship as well as identify the role of friendship in a society. Fjellstad, John L, Aristotle’s Account of True Friendship, 27th November [date accessed].

Ross, W.D, Exerpts From Aristotle’s Ethics, 27th Nov [date accessed] Aristotle on Friendship Essay - Aristotle on Friendship We are social creatures. We . Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle, part of the Internet Classics Archive a discussion of friendship would naturally follow, the case of kings; for with them, too, men who are much their inferiors do not expect to be friends; nor do men of no account expect to be friends with the best or wisest men.

An essay on aristotles account of friendship Aristotle argued that friendship is a virtue or, at least, friendship implies virtue. Moreover, he estimated that friendship is also most necessary for living Scaltsas,

Aristotle said that all people are composed of a combination of vice (bad character traits) and virtue (good character traits). He uses this concept to explain the . Thus friendship must be seen as an exchange of affection between two living people.

Aristotle states that friendship is the exchange of good will with one another, meaning that .

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