An analysis of homosexuality during the nazi regime in germany

In the s, gay culture had flourished in Prussia, especially Berlin, which was known as the "homosexual capital of Europe", and many homosexuals had come out of the closet. The aim of the National Socialist regime was the creation of the idealised Volksgemeinschaft "people's community" that would unite the German people into one, and which required the removal of all who either would not join the Volksgemeinschaft or those who considered to be racially "unfit" to join the Volksgemeinschaft. The German historian Detlev Peukert wrote the basis of Nazi thinking about the Volksgemeinschaft was "Its basis was the racialist elimination of all elements that deviated from the norm:

An analysis of homosexuality during the nazi regime in germany

Overall, the Nazis thus slaughtered hundreds of thousands in Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Greece, and France; and millions overall in Poland and the Soviet Union. But many other regimes have also killed opponents and critics, or used reprisals to maintain power.

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What distinguished the Nazis above virtually all others was their staggering genocide: Most Nazis were absolute racists, especially among the top echelon; they believed utterly in the superiority of the "Aryan" race.

They had no doubt that they were the pinnacle of racial evolution, that eugenically they were the best. So science proved, as many German and non-German scientists told them.

And therefore they could not allow inferior groups to pollute their racial strain. Inferior races were like diseased appendixes that had to be surgically removed for the health of the body.

Therefore they must exterminate the Jew and Gypsy. So also must they liquidate the homosexual and handicapped. So eventually they must also eliminate the Slavs, after exploiting their slave labor.

Slavs were not only biologically inferior, but also inhabited territory that Germany needed for the superior race to expand and grow. But then the Nazi program ran into the problem of numbers. Exterminating millions of Jews would be hard enough. But the Slavs numbered in the tens of millions. Therefore they envisioned a two-part approach: And then after the war that the Nazis would of course win, deport the remaining 30, or 40, Slavs to Siberia.

These genocides cost the lives of probably 16, people.

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Most likely the Nazis wiped out 5, Jews,Gypsies, 10, Slavs, andhomosexuals. They also "euthanized"handicapped Germans. Then in repression, terrorism, reprisals, and other cold-blooded killings done to impose and maintain their rule throughout Europe, the Nazis murdered more millions including French, Dutch, Serbs, Slovenes, Czechs, and others.

In total, they likely annihilated 20, human beings. Annually, as shown in table 1.

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The odds of a European dying under Nazi occupation were about one in fifteen. The annual odds of being killed by the Nazis during their occupation were almost two-and-a-half times that of Soviet citizens being slain by their government since; over nine times that for Chinese living in Communist China after In competition for who can murder proportionally the most human beings, the Japanese militarists come closest.

The annual odds of being killed by the Japanese during their occupation of China, Korea, Indonesia, Burma, Indochina, and elsewhere in Asia was one in Given the years and population available to this gang of megamurderers, the Nazis have been the most lethal murderers; and Japanese militarists next deadliest.

Nazi Genocide and Mass Murder, For full reference this book, the list of its contents, and the text of its preface, click book.

An analysis of homosexuality during the nazi regime in germany

According to the source, the civilian component of World War II deaths given in table 1. RummelChapter 7.

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This was a private, quasi-military organization of storm troopers that Hitler began to organize as his private army inlong before he came to power. I am trying to express these odds in the most understandable way.

Technically, since the probability of a European dying from Nazi occupation is. The 1 in 15 shown in the table is simply determined from the finding that 6. As reported in a study by the national Centers for Disease Control, Americans out of everydied from these nine diseases in Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 28 Novemberp.

For citations see the Democide:Fraenkel's was the first comprehensive analysis of the rise and nature of Nazism, and the only such analysis written from within Hitler's Germany. His sophisticated-not to mention courageous-analysis amounted to an ethnography of Nazi law.

Presents a collection of source materials relating to anti-homosexual policies under the Nazi regime in Germany during the period Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first. Homosexuality was classed as a “degenerate form of behaviour” in Nazi Germany that threatened the nation’s “disciplined masculinity”.

Under Nazi law, homosexuality was deemed non-Aryan and as such homosexuals were far more persecuted in Nazi Germany than under the Weimar regime. How the Nazi Regime's Pink Triangle Symbol Was Repurposed for LGBTQ Pride by Nazi guards at the Sachsenhausen concentration camp in Germany on Dec.

19, to pardon gay men convicted of. Under Paragraph of the criminal code, male homosexuality was illegal in Germany. The Nazis arrested an estimated , homosexual men, 50, of whom were imprisoned.

During the Nazi regime, the police had the power to jail indefinitely—without trial—anyone they chose, including those deemed dangerous to Germany’s moral fiber. Between and , an estimated , men were arrested for violating Nazi Germany’s law against homosexuality, and of these, approximately 50, were sentenced to prison.

An estimated 5, to 15, men were sent to concentration camps on .

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