Access database essay

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Access database essay

Essay on Database Introduction Data, to any business, is an asset.

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How you input, retrieve and use that data can be simply a time consuming expense or make all the difference to the efficiency and cost saving of your business.

On this report I consider the fundamental facts of databases and tools used to function the data inside them. A database is a collection of processed information related to a particular subject or purpose. Let us consider an enterprise, such as Travel agents, that has a large amount of data kept for long periods of time in a computer.

This data might include information about passengers, locations, flights, airlines, and personnel, for example. Typical relationships that might be represented include bookings Which passengers have seats on which flights?

These types of data stored more or less permanently in a computer is called a database. You can think of a database as an electronic filling system. The data storage for database is accomplished by the use of one or more files.

Traditional databases are organised by fields, records and files.

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A collection of related or similar fields is called a record. And a file is a compete set of related records. For example, a telephone book is analogous to a file. It contains a list of records, each of which consists of fields: Database management system DBMS Database management systems are programs that enable you to manage data on your computer.

A computerised database management helps a user to store, change, find and present information from the database. An example of a database management system is Microsoft Access.

An Access database has several main components, Forms for data input, tables to store your data, queries to manipulate your data and reports to present the information to you.

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Access database essay

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